Core Body Works Massage

What people are saying

When I leave after your massage treatment, I feel like I have wings!
~Natalya D.

When I come to see you, I walk in feeling like a football player. When I leave, I feel like a ballerina.
~Lila E.

Janice has an exquisite touch. I have referred many patients to her for massage, as I know personally her level of expertise in delivering soft tissue work. I first experienced her work about fifteen years ago. I can highly recommend her.
~Marcella B., D.C.

I would give Janice a very high rating. She would bring years of active clinical experience supported by an attitude for clinical excellence.
~Barbara C., R.P.T.

You have such a wonderful talent. It is easy to see why people keep coming back to see you! Your kind spirit and great hands are a blessing!
~Amy C., P.T.

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