Core Body Works Massage

Why massage?
You can benefit from Massage! Massage can relieve muscle tension and pain, enhance recovery from injury, promote health and provide relaxation.

Who can benefit?
Massage can benefit everyone!

Tension Release: Massage helps by stretching tight muscles and stimulating the nervous system. Stretching connective tissue improves circulation and nutrition, breaking down or preventing the formation of adhesions.

Pain relief: In the process of improving circulation and nutrition to muscles, tendons, connective tissue, joints, nerves, inflammation and swelling decrease. This provides a tranquilizing effect and release of the body’s own painkillers, endorphins, which help break the pain cycle.

Injury Recovery: Massage aids in promotion of recovery of injury by restoring tissue health and enhancing movement. Massage removes waste products and reduces edema. This process can help an individual to resume activity after injury, surgery or paralysis.

Promotes health and relaxation: Massage provides a safe and nurturing environment. It creates an opportunity for learning how to relax the mind and body. It may allow an individual to focus on slow and deep breathing.

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